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Department of Archaeology (DOA)

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প্রতিষ্ঠানের নাম: Department of Archaeology (DOA)

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বিস্তারিত দেখুন: Bangladesh has a very glorious heritage. For more than two and a half thousand years, various communities and dynast classes have built innumerable cultural heritages such as settlements, cities, buildings, palaces, forts, mosques, temples, monasteries, stupas, mausoleums, etc. Most of these cultural heritages have disappeared in the passage of time. However, a significant number of ancient cultural heritages still survive in remote areas of the country, which are better known as archaeological signs. The Department of Archaeology is engaged in the work of restoring history through exploration, excavation, conservation, protection, exhibition and research of these archaeological signs. The Department of Archaeology is one of the oldest departments in the Indian sub-continent. The journey of this department started in 1861 CE under the name of the Archaeological Survey of India. After independence in 1971 CE, the head office of the Department of Archaeology of Bangladesh was established in Dhaka. In 1983, the head office, including four regional offices was established in Dhaka through departmental reorganisation. At present departmental activities are conducted through the Dhaka Regional Office including Dhaka and Mymensingh divisions, the Rajshahi Regional Office including Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions, and the Khulna Regional Office including Khulna and Barishal divisions, and the Chattogram Regional Office including Chattogram and Sylhet divisions. At present, there are 517 protected and enlisted antiquities and archaeological sites under the Department of Archaeology. Among them, Mahasthangarh, Mainamati, Shalban Vihara, Paharpur Buddhist Vihara, Sitakot Vihara, Kantjir Temple, Chota Sona Mosque, Satgumbuj Mosque, Vasuvihara, Barobazar, Lalbagh Fort, and others are very important antiquities and archaeological sites. In addition, 28 museums and archaeological sites of the Department of Archaeology located in different parts of Bangladesh are open for visiting with entrance fees. By visiting these museums and archaeological sites, local and foreign visitors, students and researchers gain an exhaustive knowledge of the history and heritage of the country.