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Mass Communication Department (MCD)

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প্রতিষ্ঠানের নাম: Mass Communication Department (MCD)

সংক্ষিপ্ত নাম: MCD

বিস্তারিত দেখুন: Development of Mass Communication Activities in Brief : Activities of the Department of Mass Communication (DMC) are extended towards grass root level. The Prime aim and goal of DMC is to inform, educate and motivate the huge backward group of people living in remote areas of 68 thousand villages, particularly those who are residing beyond the range of newspaper and outside radio and TV network about policies of government programmes and different development activities. Simultaneously, it is also the responsibility of DMC is to present problems and reactions of the people to government as a feedback, to create a direct communication between people and government. This department acts through 68 information offices, 64 in district and 4 in upazilla level. As a huge number of people of the country is still remaining outside the circle of modern education, the first and foremost necessity to implement government's programmes are wide-ranging publicity and motivational work to integrate people with DMC. Under the administrative control of the Ministry of Information, the Department is entrusted with this responsibility. In this age of information technology, the role and importance of the Department of Mass Communication is undesirable because this Department uses popular media viz. arrangement of mass musical soiree, distribution of posters and booklets, casting of talk shows, of arrangement meeting, gathering etc. as well as modern audio-visual media. As a result common people get a clear idea about activities of the government and they can associate themselves with the development of the country. People of grass root level get opportunity to come closer to representatives of the government who are engaged in these activities, their range of thinking become expanded through mutual exchange of views and mutual reliability is also increased. In this way DMC is performing a far ranging role in the development of the country by creating close relationship with the people.