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Bangladesh Milk Producer's Co-Operative Union Ltd. (MILKVITA)

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প্রতিষ্ঠানের নাম: Bangladesh Milk Producer's Co-Operative Union Ltd. (MILKVITA)

সংক্ষিপ্ত নাম: MILKVITA

বিস্তারিত দেখুন: History of milk vita In 1946, the initiative was taken to build a factory based dairy industry in the land of Bangladesh. Due to the sale of milk at the nominal price of Pabna-Sirajganj district, the dairy traders identified the city as "National Nutrition Company" for the purpose of setting up an All India Institute, and brought the machinery to establish milk factories in Lahiri Mohanpur area of ​​Sirajganj district. Although the establishment of the factory was started, due to partition of the country, this initiative was closed in 1947. Later, in 1948 Mr. Mukhlesur Rahman took ownership of the factory in his own asset exchange form. The factory name was changed to "East Milk Products" and installation work was completed in 1952. Milk Vita was marketed in short-lived days in the city of Kolkata by producing dairy products like milk, ghee, butter etc. from the factory. In 1966, the initiative was taken to bring cooperative based primary milk producers association to the organization and the name was rectified by the name "East Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Li". Initially cooperative management system was not fruitful in 1968 by the Cooperative Marketing Society The responsibility of the factory was taken. At the same time, due to financial bankruptcy, another organization of bottled milk production and marketing was named as "Ashtai Dairy" in Tejgaon, Dhaka by the Co-operative Marketing Society. Cooperative Marketing Society also failed to achieve the financial status of the two companies. Although the two companies managed limited production and marketing activities for a few days, due to lack of proper management and financial support, the production and marketing activities of the two factories ceased in the early 1970s. The great architect of independence, the genuine friend of the peasant-worker, the voice of the working people, the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, soon after independence, the development of the fate of the working people, the fair value of the farmers produced by the farmers and the milk of their own production field for the supply of health-friendly milk in the city's consumer category. To fulfill the demand, follow the "radical" method of India Would provide guidance for the development of dairy industry. As a result of this, two consultants with the help of the United Nations Development Organization (UNDP) and the International Development Agency of Denmark, in 1973, were evaluated on the milk industry by Mr. Cassatt and Mr. Nelson respectively to determine the methods of reducing the milk crisis in the country. Considering the recommendations of the Bangladesh government study two, paying a dues of the previous factories and taking up a dairy industry development project in the new area under the Cooperative Milk Scheme in 1973. With the help of the government's 13.1 billion rupees loan to increase the milk production by protecting the interests of dairy-producing farmers, the factory was set up to implement the following two fundamental principles in five dairy areas of the country. Later, the name was changed to "Bangladesh Dairy Producer Cooperative Union Limited" in 1977.