Jobs in Bangladesh

Nov. 23, 2021, 11:24 p.m.

Jobs in Bangladesh


No one can deny that our country is gradually transforming into Digital Bangladesh. Despite challenges and hardships, various state-owned organizations are trying to make the country more digital as well as jobs in Bangladesh by the support of digital technology. Teletalk AllJobs is one such noble initiative taken by Teletalk– the only state-owned mobile operator in the country. The purpose of Teletalk AllJobs is to make the process of job-seeking easy and the life of job seekers comfortable. There are actually two types of jobs in Bangladesh such as Government jobs and private jobs.




ont-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"">                                                                                                                                                  Teletalk AllJobs ( )  is a specialized Job Portal for both Government and Private jobs in Bangladesh which will serve every citizen who is seeking a job from every corner of the Country via the Web and SMS service.


Vision of Alljobs
To be the most prevalent brand offering both government and private job service to every citizen in every corner of Bangladesh via Web and SMS


Mission of Alljobs

Alljobs sets the target to become one of the leading job sites in Bangladesh providing Web and SMS based digital recruitment service such as; verified data for recruiter, all types of notification to job seekers, dashboard etc within the next couple of years with a noteworthy market share.

In a country like Bangladesh where getting a desired jobs rate is very high and millions of unemployed youths seek jobs every day, a web-based search a platform like Teletalk Alljobs will bring the convenience of job searching and reduce the stress and efforts related to job search. 


Enterprise Digital Service Development (EDSD)

"font-size:12.0pt">Rest assured, Teletalk Digital Service is also providing numerous mobile-based digital services for quite some time. Teletalk is providing numerous Mobile-based Digital Services (i.e. Online and SMS based public exam result; admission; recruitment; utility bill payment etc.) along with some exclusive VAS services (Result Archive Management, SMS Based Result Re-Scrutiny, Online Registration System, Website Management, e-Ticketing for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre, e-Health, Online Job application; Bangladesh Public Service Commission, Bill Payment, Disaster Management; Digital PURGEE Management; e-Lottery; BMET (Bureau of Manpower Employment & Training) Program for Manpower Export in Malaysia, Push-Pull, Teletunes, Melodious Greetings, Online Radio, Mobile TV, IP TV, IVVR Entertainment, News Update, Gaming Service, Missed Call Alert (MCA), Call Block, Voice Message (Voice of the Honorable Prime Minister is delivering via Teletalk Mobile), Mobile Financial Services (MFS), Bulk SMS Services, etc.


Competitive advantage over other job sites

What are interesting are the extra adva

ntages they give over their competitors. Teletalk claims they cover more than 90% of all the Government jobs in Bangladesh, also SMS notification based on subscription, and tailored job suggestions based on individual qualifications and experience.

An exclusive service is also provided by Alljobs to its Premium Members.

  • Applying govt job just matter a one minute.
  • SMS/ Email notifications related to his/ her educational qualifications and experiences.
  • Verified data (Name, Father, Mother Name, SSC, HSC, DOB etc.)
  • Certificate Upload facilities (NID, SSC, HSC, Graduation/Honors etc)
  • Unlimited Job applies facility.
  • Data auto fill facility for government jobs
  • Live chat (Messenger, Facebook etc.)

You can sign up for a free account at


Resume Services that are provided 

Currently, services to clients include CV creation by a user, Download facility of CV, CV/Profile editing opportunity using user & password, CV mailing, Employers CV is seen activity information and SMS notification for premium services. All can be found at


Business Aspect

Considering several recruitment sites operative for several years and individual companies providing online job advertisements, Teletalk Alljobs plans to provide a faster and cheaper platform for all organizations including private companies and public organizations. The

The basic difference Alljobs will make is its main intent is to serve the vast number of people, not to make crude profits; to serve the greater cause of the nation and the country, not that of the stakeholders only.



Why Choose Teletalk Alljobs

As the only state-owned mobile operator in the country – it has the largest number of job applicants’ regular attention. This is also the only platform where huge emphasis is given to verifying the data of the huge number of applicants. Soon they will be introducing verifying each job seeker through the country's NID and Passport number. Both the job seeker and recruiter will be thoroughly vetted before they apply/post a certain job. Notification in every layer of the recruitment process is smooth, assured, and prompt as well. Cost is the minimum as a government mobile operator Teletalk in Bangladesh.





Considering all the above facts we can conclude that Teletalk’s Alljobs web-based platform is unique jobs site in Bangladesh and many ways better than its competitors, it will surely play its assigned role in the further digitalization process of the country. More details on where alongside jobs various blogs are being posted. 

Teletalk serves the people and nation as a part of Digital Bangladesh partner.