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Landing a job, you really love takes some time and effort. It needs a little introspection on what kind of role you are looking for and the kind of opportunity that matches both your skillset and passion.
Another aspect to consider is the work culture of the organisation you plan to join, as a cultural connect is important for you to keep learning, and to grow into a leadership position.
While all these factors demand some amount of research and investment of time, one way to ease the pressure during your search is to leverage the 'free job alert' feature on job search platforms like Teletalk Jobs Bangladesh.
What exactly are job alerts?
Job alerts are all about using technology to make the life of job seekers much easier. By keying in important information related to your skill set, experience, location and a few other parameters, you can make the job search algorithms work for you and deliver relevant jobs to your inbox.
This simple feature reduces the amount of time you spend manually searching for a job while providing you automatic access to the newest job postings in various geographies, companies and job roles on the job search platform.
How can you effectively customise job alerts?
The key to customising job alerts is to choose important keywords connected to your profession. For instance, if you are looking to work in the field of data analytics, using important industry terms such as data scientist, data analysis, data science, will help improve the relevance of the jobs that come to your inbox.
Similarly, if you are seeking an engineering job, you ought to be specific about the industry, the domain, as well as the key technical skills that are needed for the same.
Why should you set up a job alert?
There are two key advantages to setting up job alerts. One advantage is that it promotes passive job searching - a practice that reduces the effort that goes into sifting to reams and reams of job listings, every day.
This saved time is much better spent making your job alert settings sharper, taking online programmes to enhance your skills, reading up on your domain, or networking with relevant people to improve your domain understanding and connections.
Another benefit of setting up job alerts is the first-mover advantage it offers you. As soon as you get the alert in your email inbox, you can apply for a job at the click of a button. In the post-pandemic economy, there is a need for speed when it comes to hunting for the best jobs in Bangladesh.
How can you make the Best of your free job alerts?
You can make the best of free job alerts in the following ways:
Perhaps the most unique and useful feature of job alerts is the ability to follow companies on your dream job list. For example, if you want to work for a specific technology company, by including it in your job alert settings, you can be notified of every new job in your chosen domain in that organisation. How cool is that?
It's a good idea to create a separate, professional sounding email ID only for your job search. Using your real name in the email ID is a good idea. Of course, if you work in a less conventional field such as writing or design, using a cool pseudonym could also work in attracting the attention of potential employers, especially if you aim to work in the start-up domain or a business with contemporary culture.
It's a good idea to set up multiple job alerts that are targeted at specific companies, job roles, locations and skillsets. This will help you expand your options.Try to make your job alert as specific as possible so that you completely avoid receiving unrelated jobs. Here's where specific keywords and the terms related to your field really matter.
You can set the frequency of alerts as per your availability. For instance, if you already have a job, receiving them two to three times a week is a good frequency, since you might not have the bandwidth to check every day. But if you are in-between jobs, creating a daily job alert is a good idea, as it would help you with a first-mover advantage and also keep you very focused on your job search.
How to set up a free job alert?
The first field comprises the keywords related to your job search. These can include a mix of skill sets, designations, job roles and company names on your wish-list.
Clearly include the number of years of experience, as well as any specific geographies you wish to work in.
Free job alerts also enable you to include two options industry-wise, function-wise, and your preferred roles.
You can differentiate the job alerts by giving them unique names.
Add your email ID, and you're good to go!
Millions of people in Bangladesh are looking for opportunities in their chosen field. But those who understand how to smartly leverage online tools for job search such as free job alerts are most likely to emerge successful. This is even more important in a post-pandemic world where jobs are going remote, and companies are seeking employees who understand the smart use of technology.
The best part about such tools is that you can always upgrade your preferences to make it more specific and in line with emerging trends and your own evolving interests.
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