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Advanced Course on NGO Project Planning and Management

A brief summary


Project Management is an invaluable segment of any project, and it is much more crucial & critically important than that of winning a project proposal. Achieving appropriate & meaningful success in project management helps the organization to reap the benefit of continuation of the project for further years and also to attain successes in winning more project proposals in future from other donors. BDJOBS.COM stepped in to this intervention in order to provide positive support in managing projects and that intrigued it to design this Advanced Course on Project Management. The course for the NGO managers or the senior team members of the NGOs may provide enormous support in managing their programs & projects for their eloquent growth.

Learning from the course
# Importance of Project Management.
# Basics of Project Management.
# Project Management Cycle.
# Preparatory, implementation and successful conclusion part of a project
# Steps of Project Management along with Result Framework.
# Techniques of Project Management.


Live interactive class via ZOOM

Contents of Training:

Day-1: 3 Hours (1830-2130)

Reaping the perception of the participants on Project Management

This segment of the session would try to find out the perception on the project management and its definition and/or meaning.

Importance & requirements of Project Management
This part of the session would provide a reflection on the importance of Project Management and about its requirement for a project.

Basics of Project Management
This segment would deal with the basic requirements of a Project Management, which may include the essentials of preparatory, planning, implement & conclusion part of the project.

The session would be followed by question & answers.

Day-2: 3 Hours (1830-2130)

Introduction to Project Cycle Management

This part of the session would provide the participants with the detailed idea of a Project Cycle Management.

Project and Project Cycle Management
A project would be defined in this session and also the different criterions & roles of the project practitioners and project cycle management.
Day-3: 3 Hours (1830-2130)

Phases of Project Management

This part would introduce the phases of realistic way of guiding the Project Management.

Realistic steps of Project Management
This session would deal with step by step guide of a project management.

Project Management: Tools & Techniques

Vivid tools and techniques of a project Management would be provided in this session.
Day-4: 3 Hours (1830-2130)

Result Based Planning & Management (RMBP)

A project need to be managed with very SMART indicators and those are the part of the Result Based Planning & Management, which has grown over the years by the UN and International Agencies. The participants, in this session, would be provided a scholarly idea about RMPM.

Result Based Project Management
The session would introduce the aim of Result Based Project Management that may also use the models of Result Framework. It could be mentioned that the Result Based Management provides a structured, logical model for identifying expected results and the inputs and activities needed to accomplish them.

M & E: A Management Tool
This session would provide the idea on Monitoring & Evaluation as a Management Tool, which strengthens the Project Management a lot further.

Day-5: 3 Hours (1830-2130)

10 Steps of Monitoring & Evaluation

This session would provide the participants about 10 incredible steps of Monitoring & Evaluation, which would guide them towards the process & Methods of M & E.

Monitoring & Evaluation Process
Proper monitoring & evaluation is a very important part for a project and lack of which may create serious barrier & challenge for a project. This part would deal with them including the different models of monitoring and evaluation.

Monitoring & Evaluation Methodology
The previous session had dealt the process of monitoring & evaluation and this session would deal with the methods of the monitoring & evaluation process.

Day-6: 3 Hours (1830-2130)

Baseline Survey & End line Survey

A Baseline survey would be required to be conducted during the beginning of the project in order to find out the situation of target area and also to look at the situation of the project clients (beneficiaries), and the End line survey need to be conducted to facilitate the project completion.

Project Completion Report
A project completion report is a requirement at the end of the project management, which would encompass number of issues during the implementation phase and also the findings of the end line survey along with some other crucial things, which would enrich the project completion report. This session would bring in the concluding session of the project through a Q-A session and also by reaping the comments of the participants` about the course.

DURATION Evening(7:00 PM-10:00 PM)
Course START DATE Nov. 24, 2021
Course END DATE Dec. 13, 2021
Last Registration Date None