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Training of Trainers (TOT) on Facilitation Skills

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Learn the basic knowledge and skills of competency-based training facilitation, how to make it inclusive, and apply them to professional fields to boost up confidence, design inclusive training program,s and deliver professionally. This course features effectively teach you about training needs assessment, inclusive competency training design & delivery, participants engagement techniques, material development, visualization, report writing and more.

This course can help you learn about:
• Understand training eco-system
• Competency assessment and action plan development
• Adult learning principles and learning styles
• Learning domains and roles of trainer
• Training Cycle Management (TCM)
• Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
• Training Design & Plan and Curriculum Development
• Different types of participants and how to manage them
• Visualization and Training evaluation
• Training report writing


Lecture & discussion, PowerPoint Presentation, Experience sharing, Assessment, Video sharing, Roleplay in practical life.

Contents of Training:

Training Facilitation Experience Test

1. Understanding training eco-system:
- Concept of training, facilitation, presentation, coaching and mentoring
- Role clarifications of trainer, facilitator and presenter
- Qualities and skills of a good trainer

2. Presentation to Facilitation Transition model
- Principles of training facilitation
- Transition model

3. Learning domains and roles of facilitator:
- Cognitive domain
- Affective domain
- Psychomotor domain

4. Training Cycle Management (TCM):
- Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
- Training Design, curriculum development and Plan
- Training Delivery
- Training Assessment
- Training Evaluation

5. Training Needs Assessment (TNA):
- Concept and Process
- Training objective setting
- Methods and Framework
- Impact on Training Design

6. Competency Assessment:
- Concept of competency and elements
- Assessment of individual competency

7. Training Design, curriculum development and Plan:
- Jane Vella 8 step design
- ADDIE model
- Curriculum and Module development

8. Adult learning principles:
- Malcolm Shepherd Knowles principles

9. Visualisation:
- Slide making tips
- Presentation tips

10. Training Delivery:
- Methodology of participatory training
- Training methods and methodology framework
- PEACE model of facilitation
- Golden rules of participatory training and facilitation
- Engagement techniques of participants
- Types of different participants
- How to deal with diverse participants

11. Training Assessment:
- Concept of training assessment and evaluation


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- Methods of training assessment

12. Training Evaluation:
- Reaction
- Learning
- Behavioural
- Result

13. Training Report Techniques:
- Descriptive form
- Prescriptive form

14. Body language of Trainer
- Demonstration of body language of a good trainer

DURATION Evening(7.30 PM-10.30 PM)
Course START DATE May 10, 2022
Course END DATE May 24, 2022
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